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Cardax DEX is an AMM (Automated Market Maker) decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Cardano blockchain. It enables the swap of Cardano native tokens in a decentralized way. Trade directly from your wallet to the liquidity pools. You interact with the protocol concurrently without interruption or interference from anyone.
Empowered by the Streaming Merge model designed by Cardax, you can rest assured that your orders are treated fairly without the risk of front-running and are processed efficiently and securely.


All users' orders are processed in a deterministic sequence. No one can intervene.
The fee is determined. No bidding with a higher fee to increase an order's priority.
No guessing. You can predict the outcome of your order.


All users' orders are processed first-come-first-serve. No front-running is possible.
If two or more orders coincide at the same time, the protocol sorts them randomly.
Randomness treats these simultaneous orders fairly. No one can predict if his order will be processed before another.


You have your own lane to make transactions. No one can intervene in your lane or delay your order. As a result, your order will be processed quickly.
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