How to bridge Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs) to the Milkomeda network?

Bridging from Cardano to Milkomeda

You can transfer your Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs), for example, CDX tokens from the Cardano network to Milkomeda using Flint Wallet.

You need to have a Cardano wallet installed. We recommend Flint wallet because you can bridge from Cardano to Milkomeda, all within the same wallet.

You need to have a Cardano Native token in your Cardano wallet. Make sure that CNT is already listed on Cardax DEX.

You need to have at least 4 ADA on your Cardano wallet balance for CNT bridging: about 2 ADA must be kept on Cardano network wallet for other tokens maintenance and the rest you need to pay as a fee for bridging and transactions. That fee doesn't go to Cardax but to Milkomeda.

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